Our Brand

Our Brand Started

Wake Up bar is a Power station, its a Sandwich Bar, its a Breakfast Stores to provide Energy Sandwich and a power station to charging you.

Everyone is rushing here and there for live a better life ; all of us are stress, we are tired ; everyone is facing problems every single day ; all of us are taking care people who we LOVE !!! Well, we CARE about you.

We are here to get you a Healthy + Energy + Motivative Breakfast.
Most of the people know the benefits of the breakfast ; but less than 40% people having a Good Breakfast on time.

Human is smarter, the world had change ; Human is looking for a better life
We want to be more healthy, go to gym room for a nice body shape, wondering to lose weight and better lifestyle.

But, all of this mission is actually start from Breakfast
A Good Day Starts from A Good Breakfast
starts from you and me ; starts from us

Our Vission & Mission

To remind people to have Good Breakfast on time and educate people have a better lifestyle starts from having a good breakfast.

Not fast food, not heavy food, not junk food for breakfast

Life changing starts from breakfast !!

The Story of Founder

The founder of Wake Up Bar has 16 years F & B industry experience in different kind of restaurant. He was wondering to start up his own business since he was 20. Until 2019, he meet a lady and she know that !

She know he has a dream. He want to open his own restaurant so hard.
She was trying to give him confidence and idea to make his dream come true with him.

She was fully support and survey around with him and research with him.
Finally, Wake Up Bar is opening.

She is Joe ; He is Jad ! Thank you very much J & J