Serving more than just breakfast since 2018

Classic Sandwiches reimagined with our patented kitchen craziness. From explosive flavours, to signature combinations, to just awesome old-school japanese egg-sandwiches, as long as you're in love with sandwichesm we're sure got something for you to love!

Wake Up Bar = Your Favourite Sandwiches

Freshly Cracked Eggs And Toasted Bread

Fluffy, tasty and OMG addictive. Our eggs and buns are prepared from scratch and baked fresh daily.

Plant Base Chicken Patty (Vegetarian friendly food)

From Tasty fried Fish fillet, to Juicy Beef patties, to Oppa Spicy Chicken, or even Satay patties, you're spoil for choice.

Crazy Combinations

Otak - otak & Omelette Sandwich, or a Sandwich topped off with a sambal belacan and cheese?


Bring out your inner kitchen Geek and customize your own dream sandwich with our 'Hack Your Own Sandwich' option.

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