At Wake Up Bar, we truly believe in serving happiness through our sandwich and customer service. I always tell our team, good breakfast brings customers to us for the first time. Good Morning! brings them back again and again. Nail these two down, the sales and profit will come sailing in soon after. Wake Up Bar is designed to be a restaurant that can be visited throughout the hours of the day.

Be it for a proper breakfast, or just to catch up with friends and family. After all, food is the simplest form of enjoyment in life and the epicentre of any gatherings.

Having now more than 6 corporate-owned outlets with an experience of 5 years running restaurants, we feel that it is time to have more family members on board with us to expand further into the country and better serve the nation with great food.

I can’t wait to have you on board with us!
Win Jad,
Founder & CEO

We're currently looking to open outlet at these selected area:
Setapak, Subang Jaya, Cyberjaya, Sunway, Puchong, Seremban, Nilai, KLIA, Penang and East Malaysia.

Besides that we are expanding and targeting to these location:
( Hospital, College, University, Office Building and Kiosk Concept )

What make us different?

Wake Up Bar provides authenticity breakfast in taste, impactful flavour with a punch and an all-around ambience that caters to your every celebration.

We offer authenticity breakfast in the flavours of our menu with a variety of choices that can definitely satisfy everyone.

We bring the ambience of street of Japan, so our décor is decked with wooden chairs and tables to evoke the Nippon Street food vibe.

Get front row seats to watch how our chefs prepare the sandwich whist your senses are engaged to the sound, smell, sight and taste.

Once your breakfast arrives, your meals will quicky fill up the table and you will have an array of favours in front of you.

A meal worth every bite, our sandwich is packed with a punch and you have the opportunity to try other kinds as well.

We are the best companion that you need, the break you deserve after a long day and for any celebration that you have achieved.

Our Sailing Journey:

1st Outlet Opening
Expansion around Klang Valley
Serving 1 million customers
Opening in Cheras Trader Square
Further expansion to nationwide & East Malaysia


Independent Youngster
  • Mainly are independent females that are willing to spend for good food
  • Enjoys helping small local businesses
  • Rides new trends
  • Appreciates quality time spent with friends
  • Easily influenced as they are active users on the internet
Professional Youth
  • Occupied between 8am – 6pm
  • Spends their spare time with other people / for themselves
  • Prefers to go to places with a variety of menu
  • Prefers to order out instead of eating in
  • Tends to plan more during public holidays & long weekends
Young Parents
  • Weekdays are occupied, weekends are to relax & spend time with loved ones
  • Public holidays are well planned out to spend time with family
  • Activities include outdoor adventures & eating out
  • Prefers restaurants that offers variety of menu
Japanese Food lovers
  • Knows where to go when it comes to satisfying their current craving
  • Can become a regular once they have taken a liking to the product
  • Always considers a valueable price to good food


We are looking for future partners that have what it takes to weather the storm and open a franchise with us!

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Zero Licensing Fee

Package Included Renovations

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Wake Up Bar Sdn. Bhd. ( 11000205-D)
No.1, KL Eco City 58200 Kuala Lumpur.