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“Positive thinking sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and can achieve the impossible.”

Our Story

Your Premium Breakfast Solutions

Wake Up Bar is a Japanese concept Breakfast store to serve you Japanese sandwiches, wrap, and donburi. Of course, we serve coffee, tea, and cakes.

We call Wake Up Bar because the founder believes in the power of MORNING and we greet everyone “Morning” for the whole day no matter what time is it.  “A Good Day Start From A Good Breakfast” and the first meal of the day is very important. Breakfast is defiant can change your mood for the whole day.

“Good Morning!” Makes you feel energetic, motivative, wonderful, and HOPE!!!

Eat breakfast like a KING — the best breakfast quote in the world. We are serving you a good breakfast with a smile and bring you a good mood to start up your day!

We want you to have a healthy breakfast; not nasi lemak, not mee Goreng, not fast food or Mamak food. We want to educate people to eat healthily and stay healthy.

The best thing about our food is “Japanese Scrambled Egg”. You will miss it once you tried. We do have Homemade Soya Milk and our cakes os Homemade too.
Stay calm…..and eat more good food.
Wake Up Bar – Your breakfast is ready 

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Available & Open for Registration!!! MCO offer limited for 5 unit only