About Us

Wake Up Bar is a halal Japanese concept Breakfast store to serve you Japanese sandwiches, wrap, and donburi. Of course, we serve coffee, tea, and cakes. We call Wake Up Bar because the founder believes in the power of MORNING and we greet everyone “Selamat Pagi, 早安, Good Morning!” for the whole day no matter what time is it.

“A Good Day Start From A Good Breakfast” and the first meal of the day is very important. Breakfast is defiant can change your mood for the whole day.

“Good Morning!” Makes you feel energetic, motivative, wonderful, and HOPE!!!

Eat breakfast like a KING is the best breakfast quote in the world. We are serving you a good breakfast with a smile and bring you a good mood to start up your day!

We served only healthy breakfast but not nasi lemak, maggie goreng nor fast food. We wish to educate people to eat healthily and stay healthy. The best thing about our food is “Japanese Scrambled Egg”. You will miss it once you tried. We do have Homemade Cakes & fresh Soya Milk too.

Our Vassion

To be the leading local brand of Sandwich specialist

Our Mission

To build a brand of Malaysian inspired Sandwiches that brings smiles and inspiration to everyone of the world

Our Core Values
  • W - Wake u up
  • A - Aggressive
  • K - Kindness
  • E - Efficiency / Energy

  • U - Unique
  • P - Passion / Positive

Founder Intention

Win Jad - 19 years in F&B industry. A motivative person with F&B passion!! He has a F&B dream when he was 16 years old and he founded WUB at 2019 June. The Brand story is actually from Japan Is a story of Father & son The father prepare breakfast for his son everyday before his son go to school. Day by day. Every morning After his son growth. It’s time to study university at Tokyo city. The father miss his son deeply He miss the time prepare breakfast for his son. This feeling inspired him to open a stall and share the love to the kids in town So. He open a breakfast stall in front of the train station. He is sharing the food with love to everyone And spread the positive minded to everyone and lead us to move forward ❤️

Who Is Win Jad?

  • - A Sandwich Inventor
  • - Passionate
  • - Motivated
  • - Energetic
  • - Sincere
  • - 20 years F&B experience
  • - F&B consultant
  • - Entrepreneur

We Are
Hiring Now

  • - Bakery Chef
  • - Crew Member

012-6448190 (Win Jad) for interview

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Wake Up Bar Sdn. Bhd. ( 11000205-D)
No.1, KL Eco City 58200 Kuala Lumpur.